Hi there, welcome to the Singapore Stock Market. First, let me disclaim myself that I am NOT a certified financial guy – just a self-proclaimed kiasu kiasi, very disciplined and rather knowledgeable, “investor”.

It all started in the mid-90s, before the Asian financial crisis in 1997, that I was hyped into opening my CDP (Central Depository) and trading accounts.

Suffering from concussion-like headaches when everyone around me at that time was chirping in their so-called tips and strategies on stock investing, I chose to hand-over my hard-earned ~$3k+ to my colleague-then to buy my “first” trade (via his accounts). Just after a couple of weeks, he came running to me exclaiming we had lost everything! Everything?! Upon further probing, he explained he had bought warrants/rights and he missed to execute before the expiry date! With literally zero financial knowledge at that time, I had to shift the full blame from him to myself. After all, investment is a personal responsibility.

Shortly after the Asian financial crisis, a good buddy of mine – newly joined a bank as a financial consultant, came to me promoting an investment-linked insurance and unit trust (United Global Telecom Fund). Despite the fiasco from my “first” trade, I went ahead to dump in $10k in good faith to support my buddy. Fast forward a year (plus) later, I was dumbfounded to see my fund statement skyrocketed to nearly $19k!

That was the time of the Silicon Valley “miracles” when the Dow Jones and Nasdaq were climbing up 2 or 3-digit almost “on a daily basis”. Staring at the statements with astonishingly high ROI (return-on-investment), I made a firm decision then to learn everything I could in stock investing. National libraries became my second-home and I had combed and studied truckload of financial and investment books (in both English and Chinese). I even got myself certified as a remisier at one point of the time.

Then come the burst of the dotcom bubble. Fortunately, after acquiring all those financial and investing knowledge throughout the years, I had managed to outpace the market to sell-off ~90% of all my holdings before the market came tumbling down.

Emerged unscathed, thankfully, from the dotcom fiasco, I continued to acquire and hone my financial and investment skill set. Started to explore derivatives, forex, options trading … even cryptocurrencies. Also attended a couple of high-ticket workshops and courses – ie. advanced technical analysis.

Though over the years, trying to assimilate successful investors like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Charles Munger etc., I have resided into the Value Investing camp and will avoid all derivatives which, to me, are highly speculative. Additionally, having a full-time job primarily as an educator (technology & engineering) and  a freelance web developer, and lacking the luxury to constantly monitoring the market and performing thorough technical analysis, my investment style is shaping towards ABCD3 : A – Accumulative, B – Blue Chips (only), C – (Dollar) Cost Averaging and D – Dividend-Centric, Diversification and Discipline

Then in 2008, the infamous Subprime Crisis avalanched in. Despite my incessant acquisition of financial and investment knowledge, I was embarrassed with my inability to fathom what the hack was this so-called Subprime Crisis and how it led to the collapse of global economy … until I watched the Inside Job documentary. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who are interested to grow wealth via (equity) investment to watch (and rewatch) this jaw-dropping documentary before jumping into the market – which is driven, or rather, manipulated by mass sentiments.

This was the period that I learned one of the hardest lessons – Cutting Losses. Trust me, this is way harder than it sounds – it actually take great “non-human emotionless discipline” to really execute those stop losses. Thanks to evolution of online trading platform, a handful of my trades were stop-lost when they headed south, thereby cutting unwanted losses and giving much needed opportunities to pick up some counters at lower price (dollar cost averaging).

Having rode through Asian financial crisis in 1998, dotcom bubble burst in the early millennium, Subprime crisis in 2008, I was actually “awaiting” the next “10-year cycle crash” to come around 2018, it never happen. And I accounted that due to the rise of the mighty China – now one of the, if not the, biggest economy super-power overtaking the US. Sure enough, trying to put a brake on China’s propelling economy, trade wars were triggered under Trump administration. But the cringing trade wars, though created turbulence and uncertainties, were not the ones that brought the world’s economy to its knees – it’s the current COVID-19 pandemic!

Nevertheless, what goes up must come down and what goes down will come up, now is the period that presents good stock buying and equity-asset accumulating opportunities. And as the saying also goes – it’s not about you timing the market but your time in the market that matters. This is the main reason why I started this website – which primarily focus only in Singapore’s stock market.

This is the list of my favourite websites to keep in line and abreast on local financial news and market trends :

But then there is a problem – I realised I’d need to spend nearly close to an hour daily to scout through the arrays of headlines and titles to select the articles for deeper readings.

If only there is a website that is totally dedicated to Singapore’s (just Singapore only) stock market, corporate and financial news which I could quickly grab the local market pulse for educated acquisition and purchase of equities (just blue chips) in ~15-20 minutes … that’s why I created Singapore Stock Market.

That being said, this website is kind of like my “personal journal” to collate and “bookmark” the critical news and resources for my stock buying (and selling; mostly buying – I’m more into Accumulation over time) decisions. Please ensure you have read my Disclaimer – in short, all information and data on this site is for informational purposes only and should never be considered as professional financial investment advice.

Then again, I’m hoping that this website allows anyone to holistically acquire, in just 20-minute daily, all the essential financial, corporate and market news for a more educated and informed stock investment in Singapore (only) context.

When I’m not working on this little “side project”, you might find me delving into my other online projects on my web development oriented website here.