Smart Reads of the Week: Reliable Dividend Stocks and Resilient REITs

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This week, our top articles bring you a comprehensive overview of the earnings season: from Singapore blue chip stocks poised for higher profits to the key aspects to watch during the REIT earning season, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the potential investment opportunities reliable dividend stocks may offer, providing stability and income for your portfolio.

As the REIT earnings season gets underway, we take a deep dive into Mapletree Industrial Trust’s (SGX: ME8U) latest quarterly report as the industrial REIT reported a resilient set of earnings.

Meanwhile, another Mapletree REIT, Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U), also announced its latest financial report.The logistics REIT braved inflation and interest rate headwinds to also report a higher year-on-year DPU.

Here is a list of our top articles for this week.

1. Earnings Season Alert: 3 Singapore Blue-Chip Stocks That Could Report Higher Profits

With the earnings season for blue chips starting later this month, we highlight three that could potentially report higher profits.

2. REIT Earnings Season Starts This Week: 4 Aspects Investors Need to Watch for

As more REITs turn in their latest financial report card, we identify four aspects that REIT investors should look out for.

3. 4 Reliable Dividend Stocks I Will Buy if I Had S$40,000

We introduce four dependable dividend stocks that you can consider adding to your buy watchlist if you have some spare cash.

4. Mapletree Industrial Trust’s 3Q FY2024 DPU Rises Quarter on Quarter to S$0.0336: 5 Highlights from the Industrial REIT’s Latest Earnings

The industrial REIT is one of the first REITs to report its earnings and investors can read on to find out more about the REIT’s latest financial numbers and plans.

5. Mapletree Logistics Trust Ekes Out a Higher DPU: 5 Highlights from the Logistics REIT’s Latest Earnings

The logistics REIT weathered the economic challenges well and posted a higher DPU alongside an improvement in operating metrics.

6. 4 US Growth Stocks Hitting Their 52-Week Highs: Can Their Run Continue?

These four US growth stocks are breaking through new highs. We explore if they can continue to make new share price records.

7. Forget Sembcorp Industries: 4 Stocks That Pay Out a Better Dividend Yield

Sembcorp Industries (SGX: U96) may be a strong performer last year but we found four stocks that sport a better dividend yield than the utility giant.

8. Get Smart: 4 Easy Steps to Build Your Wealth

Want to grow your wealth? We take you through four easy steps on how you can do so.

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