Smart Reads of the Week: Singapore SPACs, Nanofilm Technologies and REITs with High Distribution Yields

Happy New Year to all readers.

For this week, we look at the trio of special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs.

As these SPACs near their two-year mark, what can investors expect from this asset class?

Next, we turn our attention to Nanofilm Technologies International (SGX: MZH), whose share price has tumbled around a third in the past year

The nanotechnology specialist just announced an expansion into Europe late last year, and we are assessing if the business can benefit from this move.

Elsewhere, we look at a crop of reliable Singapore REITs with high distribution yields.

Here are some names you can think of adding to your buy watchlist.

Here is a list of our top articles for this week.

1. Singapore SPACs Are Reaching Their 2-Year Mark: What’s in Store for This Asset Class?

SPACs had their debut back in early 2022 and are fast approaching their two-year mark. Read on to find out the prospects for this asset class.

2. Nanofilm Technologies Announced a European Acquisition: Can its Share Price Rebound?

Nanofilm is advancing its growth plan by expanding into Europe. Can its share price stage a recovery?

3. 5 Reliable Singapore REITs with Distribution Yields of 5.2% or More

We introduce five dependable Singapore REITs sporting distribution yields of 5.2% or higher.

4. 3 Singapore Blue-Chip Stocks with Double-Digit % Gains in 2023: Should You Buy Them?

Here are three blue-chip stocks with impressive double-digit percentage gains last year. Should they be on your buy watchlist?

5. 4 Singapore REITs Helmed by Strong Sponsors

Here are four REITs anchored by strong sponsors that not only lower their borrowing costs but also provide a pipeline of assets for future injection.

6. Looking for Higher Dividends? 4 Singapore Stocks That Look Poised to Pay Out More in 2024

If you are an income investor, you may be interested in this crop of four Singapore stocks that are well-positioned to pay a higher dividend.

7. These 5 US Growth Stocks Posted Stunning Share Price Returns in 2023: Can Their Run Continue?

Looking for growth stocks? We feature five that enjoyed a good share price run last year and which may repeat the same performance this year.

8. 7 Reasons Why You Should Own REITs

Here is a convenient laundry list of the reasons why you should own REITs within your investment portfolio.

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