Smart Reads of the Week: Singtel, US Stocks at Year-Highs and REITs to Include in Your Watchlist

This week, we explore why the shares of Singtel (SGX: Z74) are hitting a year-low.

The telco released a commendable set of first-half fiscal 2024 results but its Australian unit, Optus, suffered a severe outage recently.

Meanwhile, we look at several US stocks that are hitting a 52-week high.

Investors may be wondering if this batch of stocks can continue to do well in 2024 or if they could be overvalued.

Elsewhere, we highlight several high-quality REITs that you can include in your buy watchlist.

These REITs have attributes that render them resilient and can also enable them to grow their distributions over time.

Here is a list of our top articles for this week.

1. Singtel’s Share Price Hits a 52-Week Low: Are Troubles Over for the Telco?

Singtel is seeing its share price slide to a year-low. Can the telco pick itself up again?

2. 4 US Growth Stocks Hitting Their 52-Week Highs: Should You Buy or Sell Them?

We feature four US growth stocks with share prices scaling a year-high. Should you purchase or sell them?

3. 4 Singapore REITs to Include in Your December Watch List

Looking for suitable REITs to include in your portfolio? Here are several you can add to your buy watchlist.

4. 4 Singapore Aviation and Tourism Stocks That Could See a Better 2024

Here are four aviation and tourism stocks that look poised to do well in 2024.

5. 4 Reasons Why Mapletree Logistics Trust Qualifies as a Solid REIT to Own

We make a strong case as to why Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) is a REIT that income investors should own.

6. 3 Singapore Dividend-Paying Stocks That Reported Higher Profits This Earnings Season

This trio of stocks have not only reported higher profits but also declared dividends to boot.

7. 3 Singapore Stocks to Watch Out for in December

These three stocks possess catalysts that look set to benefit their business in the months to come.

8. Love Dividends? Then You Should Adore These 4 Consistent Dividend-Paying Stocks

If you are a dividend-lover, then you shouldn’t miss out on these dividend stocks that have doled out consistent payouts over the years.

9. Figuring Out the Right Price to Pay for a Stock

It can be tough to nail down the “right” price to pay for a stock. We dig deeper into this topic to give you some clarity on how to do so.

10. The Latest Thoughts from American Technology Companies On AI

Interested in artificial intelligence? Here are the latest expert opinions and thoughts from a smattering of technology companies that are dealing with this nascent technology.

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