The Smart Investor – Can REITs Recover in 2024? Webinar Recording

Thank you for joining our Co-Founders Chin Hui Leong and Joanna Sng and our Portfolio Manager, Royston Yang for the “Can REITs Recover in 2024?” webinar.

The REIT sector has been pummelled badly in 2023 due to a combination of surging inflation and high interest rates.

As a result, many REITs have fallen to 52-week lows as poor sentiment dogs the asset class.

With net property and distributable incomes taking hits from increased finance, utility, and staff costs, the challenge is evident.

As we stride into 2024, can REITs shake off these obstacles?

Investors are on the edge, wondering if REITs can navigate the uncertainties of 2024 and emerge stronger. Will it mirror the brutality of 2023, or could there be a glimmer of hope, paving the way for a robust recovery?

Don’t miss out! Dive into the webinar recording to unravel the fate of REITs in 2024 and discover if a silver lining awaits.

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