WealthBT Podcast: Investing profitably in 2024

This episode is brought to you by UBS Wealth Management.

Highlights of the conversation:

01:47 Impact of the Fed’s funds rate on stocks and bonds 

04:42 Which elections will wield the biggest impact on markets? 

07:12 Outlook for economy and asset growth

11:13 China’s outlook

15:15 Risks not adequately priced in markets

17:15 Most important asset allocation calls for 2024

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UBS Wealth Management


Written and hosted by: Genevieve Cua (gen@sph.com.sg)

With Kelvin Tay, chief investment officer of UBS Wealth Management

Edited by: Howie Lim and Claressa Monteiro

Produced by: Genevieve Cua & Howie Lim

Engineered by: Joann Chai Pei Chieh

Executive producer: Claressa Monteiro

A podcast by BT Podcasts, The Business Times, SPH Media

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